School Self-Evaluation

All schools are required to engage in a process of Self-Evaluation. The aim of this process is to constantly review the teaching and learning that takes place within our school and to improve the learning outcomes for our students.

Over the next three years we will also:

  • Initiate a wellbeing promotion review.
  • Focus on the role of Tutor in Carrick-on-Shannon Community School. 
  • Focus on the area of differentiation within the classroom environment.


When we talk about differentiation, we are referring to the ways in which a teacher can present the same subject matter in different ways to different students depending on their learning style etc. In doing so, it is hoped that more students can successfully access the material covered in class and so improve their learning outcomes.

Student Survey

We have surveyed the students and the teachers in relation to differentiated learning recently. Some of the findings are listed below:

  • 40% of students said they were visual learners, 32% are kinesthetic learners (hands-on learners), 15% preferred rote learning and 13% stated they were auditory learners.
  • 38% of students said they learn best when the teacher gives them a challenge and builds curiosity. 26% of students enjoyed group work, pair work or project work. Another 26% liked the traditional method of 'chalk & talk'. The remaining students liked various apporaches to teaching and learning.
  • 47% of students like their teachers to clearly structure their lessons and not deviate from the structure given at the start of class. 53% prefer discovery learning methodologies or a mixture of structured classes with some discovery learning.

Teacher Survey

  • 100% of teachers believe that teaching and learning will improve if we focus on Diiferentiation as part of our SSE.
  • 65% of teachers believe that differentiation occurs naturally within every lesson. The remaining teachers feel that it it occurs when planned.

The Role of the Tutor

The class tutor has traditionally played an important role within the pastoral care structures of the school. For the year 2023/2024, staff have agreed to review the system as it currently operates in the school and to consider new structures to enhance the role played by the tutor in Carrick-on-Shannon Community School.

What our surveys said:

  • 80% of students would talk to their Tutor about an issue if they needed to.
  • 98% of students were aware of the Tutor system in the school.
  • Teachers view the role of the Tutor as a key element of our pastoral care system in the school.
  • Parents/ guardains identified many 'contact points' in the school in the event that they needed to speak to a member of school personnel in relation to their child's experience in school.