BT Young Scientist 2021

As with so many events over the past few months, this year's BT Young Scientist Competition has gone online.

This year, Carrick-on-Shannon Community School had seven projects accepted for exhibition at the event. This is a fantastic achievement so congratulations to all involved. 

The successful projects are:

Students: Emily Molloy, Caoimhe Scollan

Project Title: The Teenage Boy Fixation On Supplemented Protein Due To Social Media

This team explored links between social media influences, protein supplementation and understanding of the effect and risks associated with protein supplementation by teenage boys and also investigated health professional recommendations and opinions on protein intake for teenage boys. 


Student: Roy Branagan

Project Title: Do People Who Play An Instrument Contract Physical Illnesses Less Often Than Those Who Don’t

This study investigated if there is a link between playing music and improved health/less likelihood of contracting illness within the student population. 



Students: Daniel Azaharie, Kaelan Hanifa, Eli Holmes

Project Title: “Is Rural Ireland A Good Environment for Creatives To Flourish

This group explores individuals creative traits and investigates if these individuals believe that Rural Ireland is an environment that enables expression of their true creative self.



Students: Daniel Martin, Daniel Wynne, Cailum Moran

Project Title: Smart Reusable Water Bottle

This group investigated water consumption patterns among their peers and then upgraded the humble water botte to a device that uses technology to remind you to consistently consume water during the day to prevent dehydration. 


Students: Fleur Burns, Hannah Rodrigues Do Nascimento, Nicole Gallagher

Project Title: Are we being deceived by thinking dairy milk alternatives are healthier than dairy milk?

This group investigates the chemical composition of almond milk and dairy milk and compares both from a health/nutrition perspective and then looks at the environmental impact of the production processes of both options. 

*Students: Janis Pass, Brogan Fee

Project Title: Reverse Trailer Hitch

This team developed an alternative trailer hitching mechanism to reduce the time required and improve accuracy when hitching a trailer. 

*Students: Ross Flanagan, Daniel Brady, Liam Chandler

Project Title: Automatic Door Handle Sanitiser

This group developed a device to automatically sanitise a door handle/surface after contact to assist in the reduction of Covid transmission on these frequently touched surfaces.

The interviews with the judges start at 9.30am on Wednesday morning so best of luck everyone!

For more information on the BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2021, please visit BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition online.