Child Protection 2022

Annual review of Child Safeguarding Statement and Assessment of Risk

In accordance with the DES Child Protection Procedures the Board of Management carry out a scheduled annual review of our Risk Assessment Statement and Safeguarding Statement. This review is scheduled to take place around March each year.

This year, our review was conducted on the 23rd April 2024. The review is conducted in accordance with the Checklist for Review of the Child Safeguarding Statement which is published on the DES Website. We notify our School Patrons, Parents' Association and Student Council of the completion of this review. We also publish notification of this review on our website.

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Our Designated Liaison Personnel
The Board of Management of Carrick-on-Shannon Communitiy School have appointed the following:
  • Designated Liaison Person (DLP) - Mr. Adrian Jackson
  • Deputy Deisgnated Liaison Person (DDLP)- Ms. Catríona Sexton 
If you have any Child Protection concerns, you are advised to contacted the DLP (or DDLP where the DLP is unavailable) on 071 9620880 who will follow the procedures as outlined in the documents below.

Children First Act 2015 and Children First National Guidance 2017

The Children First Act, 2015 has placed certain statutory obligations on certain professionals, including all registered teachers, who are referred to as mandated persons in the Act. It has also placed certain statutory obligations on certain organisations that provide services to children, including all schools.

Children First National Guidance 2017 outlines the new statutory obligations that apply to mandated persons such as registered teachers and the new statutory obligations that apply to organisations such as schools under the Act. It also sets out the best practice (non-statutory) obligations which are in place for all individuals (including teachers) and for all sectors of society. The Children First Act, 2015 operates side-by-side with the Children First National Guidance 2017.

​A copy of the document can be found by clicking on the link below.

Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools (Revised 2023)
The new procedures give direction and guidance to schools authorities and to school personnel in relation to meeting their statutory obligations under the Children First Act, 2015 and in the continued implementation of the best practice (non-statutory) guidance set out in Children First National Guidance 2017.
 The procedures include -

a) the reporting procedures to be followed by registered teachers in respect of their role as mandated persons, including a requirement to liaise with the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) and, where applicable, to submit mandated reports jointly with the DLP to Tusla

b) guidance and direction for schools in relation to meeting their statutory obligations in relation to Child Safeguarding Statements. In that regard, the procedures require that all boards of management use the relevant templates published by the Department when preparing, publishing and reviewing their Child Safeguarding Statement.

c) significantly enhanced oversight measures which are aimed at ensuring full compliance by schools with the Children First Act 2015, Children First National Guidance 2017 and with the Department’s requirements as set out in the procedures for schools. The new oversight measures are set out in Chapter 9 of the procedures and include oversight by the board of management of the school’s Child Safeguarding requirements and a new Child Protection Oversight Report which must be provided to the board of management, as part of the Principal’s report to the board, at every board of management meeting. While the reporting requirements in respect of the Child Protection Oversight Report may appear extensive, it should be noted that the requirement to provide the information specified in this report applies only where cases of a specific type (as set out in sections 9.5 to 9.8 inclusive of the procedures) arise in the school. Where any such case does arise, it is essential that the board of management is provided with the information necessary for it to have oversight of compliance with the relevant reporting requirements, particularly where the matter relates to a school employee.