Important Reminder - Please do not come school if you are sick and especially if you have some of the symptoms of COVID-19. Contact your GP and seek their advice.

We are not quite sure how the day will go while schools continue to be impacted by COVID-19 but in general, a typical day in Carrick-on-Shannon C.S. will look a bit like this...

Our School Day

  • Classes start at 9am. We expect students to be in school before 8:50am in order to organise themselves to get to class before 9am.
  • First break is at 11am and it lasts for 15 minutes.
  • Lunch is then at 1.15pm and finishes at 1:55pm. Students have 5 minutes to organise themselves and get to class for 2:00pm.
  • Our school day finishes at 4.00pm Monday to Thursday. We finish at 1.15pm on Friday.

School Transport

  • Information on bus transport is available through
  • Students who wish to avail of this service are usually required to apply online during the months of March/ April

Dropping off your child

  • If you are dropping your child to school it is important to bear in mind that classes start at 9:00am. You are expected to drop your child at the school no later than 8:50am so that they can get themselves organised for class at 9:00am. We will update this information for the school year 2020/2021 shortly.
  • We kindly ask parents not to drop students within the school grounds/carpark. This is because it can be dangerous and it leads to congestion.
  • Please be mindful of residents living beside the school when dropping-off or collecting your child. Please do not block the entrance to their property or the entrance to the school.