Policies Under Review

From time-to-time, Carrick-on-Shannon Community School will seek the views and advice of parents/ guardians in relation to it's school policies and procedures.

Polices that are under review will be posted here and parents/ guardians will be notified by text of the timeframe of review. Should you wish to comment on any policy, please email the school on [email protected]

January 2023

This month we are reviewing the following policies:

Admissions Policy

The commencement of the Education (Provision in respect Children with Special Educational Needs) Act 2022 requires the admission statement of a school to include a statement that the school shall co-operate with the NCSE relating to the provision of education to children with special educational needs, in particular by the provision and operation of a special class or classes when requested to do so by the Council and a separate statement that the school shall comply with any direction under Section 37A or un Section 67 of the above act.

You can find the updated copy of our Admissions Policy by clicking on the link below.

Substance Use Policy

If you wish to make on observation on either policy, please email the school ([email protected]) by Wednesday, 18th January 2023.