Book Rental Scheme

Book Return 2021

The fee for the rental of books from the school for 2021/2022 is €80 per student (maximum of €210 per household). See below for further details.

We apologise that we are unable to accept cash at this time but we can take a card payment at the office and payment can be made through way2pay. When using you will notice that the Book Rental Fee of €80 has been added to your account. If you have a medical card, simply pay €45 and we will adjust your account on our return in August. We will need to see evidence of the medical card to adjust the account and to release the books. 

Students will be invited to the school prior to the reopening of the school to retrieve their books. Students who have not returned their books for the annual audit are not eligible for the scheme in the new school year. All students collecting books must follow the instructions of the staff once inside the school. They will be required to use hand-santiser and to sign a register on entry to the building. When leaving, they will record the time of exit on the register and again use the hand-sanitser.

No books will be released until payment has been received.
Please keep an eye on this page as we will post the collection dates here.

In 2017 we completed a review of the operation of our Book Rental Scheme. The scheme enables students to access textbooks at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a secondary school booklist.


Book Rental Scheme 2021 / 2022

  1. All students will be asked to ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ of the scheme. Students who choose not to participate in the school Book Rental Scheme can download the correct booklist from our app and this will enable them to purchase the correct textbooks for their return to school. Students who 'opt-out' of the scheme can purchase the School Journal from the school for €15.
  2. The cost of the Book Rental 2021/ 2022 will be €80 per student and must be paid by all students participating in the scheme. This will cover the cost of providing a student with their class textbooks and School Learning Journal for a period of one year only. Where a family has three or more children attending the school, their contribution to the scheme will be capped at €210.
  3. The Book Rental Scheme will not cover the cost of extra classroom materials such as copies, pens, examination papers etc. A selection of stationary will be available through the school shop throughout the year.
  4. All textbooks remain the property of the school and must be returned by the student at the end of each academic year. Any student who fails to return their books will be liable for the replacement cost of same. Students who do not return their books at the end of the year will not be permitted to participate in the Book Rental Scheme during the following year.
  5. As this is a rental scheme aimed at reducing the cost of providing schoolbooks for parents/ guardians, students will receive a mixture of new and secondhand books.
  6. Only one set of books will be provided to each student. No exceptions will be made. Each student will be provided with one Homework Journal under the Book Rental Scheme. Replacement journals are provided through the school at a cost of €15.
  7. Textbooks which are lost during the year must be replaced by the student, at full cost if necessary.
  8. Where a parent/guardian of a student has a medical card and wishes to participate in the scheme, a discounted rate of €45 per student will be applied on presentation of the medical card at the school office.
  9. Payment for the Book Rental Scheme should be made either to the school office before the school re-opens or on the day the student returns to the school and can be made via our online payment system, way2pay. Books will not be given to students who have not paid for the rental of the books.
  10. Students who are following the Leaving Certificate Applied course are required to pay the Book Rental Scheme.
  11. Only students who have paid into the scheme will receive textbooks. All outstanding monies due within the scheme must be paid prior to textbooks being issued to the student. Students who are members of the scheme will have their School Learning Journal stamped to notify teachers that they are entitled to textbooks through the scheme.

The Booklists for 2021/ 2022 are available via our school app. please see the home page for more information regarding SZapp.


The scheme reduces the overall cost of the Book Rental Scheme for the vast majority of our students and ensures that the scheme is viable into the future.