Calculated Grades

The Leaving Certificate Examinations for 2020 have been postponed and a calculated grades system has been put in place by the Minister of Education. and skills.

We have received a letter from the Department of Education and Skills for students which can be accessed below.

The Guide to Calculated Grades is available by clicking on the file below.

All students will have the chance to 'Opt in' ot 'Opt out' of this new process. Students who do not wish to receive a calculated grade from the school can chose to sit the Leaving Certificate Examination at a later date. It is not known for certain when the Leaving Certificate will take place.

All students, regardless of whether they wish to recieve calcualted grades or not, must log onto the Calculated Grades Student Portal, available through 

To complete the registration process, students will need the following:

  • their Leaving Certificate Number
  • PPS number (needed to create a Personal Identification Number)
  • an email address to which they will have regular access over the coming months
  • their mobile telephone number

During this time, students following the Leaving ertificate Applied programme are required to register on the portal while students following the other Leaving Certificate programmes (Established and Vocational) must register and also confirm their final level for each subject in which they are entered. 

It is essential that students register on the portal at this time and, as required, confirm their levels.

The portal will open at 10am on Tuesday, 26th May 2020 and will close at 10pm on Thursday, 28th May 2020.