Leaving Certificate 2021

Leaving Certificate 2021  

SEC Candidate Self-Service Portal

The Candidate Self-Service Portal is now closed.

LCVP Written Examination

The LCVP written examination will take place on the morning of the 8th May 2021. This examination will start at 10am in the school and is scheduled to finish at 12.30pm.

Students will receive notification of their centres (classrooms) by the end of the week. Masks must be worn at all times when on school grounds and for the duration of the exam.

Important Information for Students Studying Subjects Outside of School -Updated 28th April 2021

Students who wish to receive an accredited grade in a non-curricular language (Lithuanian, Ukranian etc.) will be required to sit a proficiency test on the afternoon of Saturday, 8th May 2021. See below and please read carefully:

"In order to give students an opportunity to provide evidence of their learning in a non-curricular language, the Department of Education will arrange for a written proficiency assessment to be held on the afternoon of 8th May 2021. This assessment will be held in all post-primary schools where there are students who have registered for a non-curricular language on the Candidate Self Service Portal for Leaving Certificate 2021. The assessment will commence at 2.00pm and conclude at 3.30pm. This assessment will be open to all students of non-curricular languages who are registered for that language in Leaving Certificate 2021, whether or not they have applied for Accredited Grades. However, unless students have applied for an Accredited Grade in their non-curricular language on the Candidate Self-Service Portal (CSSP), they will not receive an Accredited Grade even where they have completed the Proficiency Assessment.

If students do not complete the Proficiency Assessment they will not receive an Accredited Grade in the subject and therefore in order to obtain a grade in Leaving Certificate 2021 for their non-curricular language they must sit the written examinations in June."

The SEC Guidance document is available here.

To see which languages are considered 'non-curricular', please click here

***Updates Regarding the LC Written Papers - Posted 23rd March 2021

Please click on the link below to access the latest information received from the SEC in relation to this year's written papers:

In-School Assessments

Please find the timetable for our in-school assessments using the link below:

Leaving Certificate Timetable

The SEC has already published the Leaving Certificate Timetable and the LCA Timetable 2021 and it is available through the following link:


The LC and the LCA Examinations will commence on the 9th June 2021, subject to public health advice.

We have received the following information from the SEC:

Key Points to Note:

  • Students will have the option of whether to sit the examinations, receive SEC Accredited Grades, or both, on a subject by subject basis.
  • Students who opt for both will have their better grades in each subject reflected in their results.
  • Students will be required to register on the student portal; confirm their subject and level entry details; opt for the examinations and/ or to receive SEC Accredited Grades. The SEC's Candidate Portal is expected to open on the 10th March 2021 to allow students to make their choices. Further details will be issued in advance.
  • There will be no fees payable for the 2021 examinations and no fees for SEC Accredited Grades.
  • It is intedned that the results of both the examinations and the SEC Accredited Grades processes will issue to students within the required timeframe for progression to higher and further education in Ireland.
  • The completion schedule for project work will issue to schools in the coming weeks.

Construction Studies & Engineering: There will be no day practical examination. Students wishing to sit the Leaving Certificate in these subjects must complete the project element of the course. The marks weighting from the day exam will be transferred to the project. Project marked as normal.

The following indicative dates have been provided by the Department of Education:

    • May 28th – Schools will close for all students to allow the final week for completion of alignment process and data entry related to SEC Accredited Grades by schools.
    • June 4th – Closing date for schools to enter/return all data from the school to the SEC relating to SEC Accredited Grades.
    • June 9th – Written Leaving Certificate examinations to commence in schools.
    • The SEC will issue revised dates for submission of Leaving Certificate course work and the scheduling/arrangements for LCA tasks and interviews in the coming days and weeks.

    6th Year Assembly February 2021


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